A (growing) collection of Darth Vader knitting patters ranging from free to paid, hats to blankets and other items. As always, send links to your own projects to be included here.



free Darth Vader knit chart from Chris Van Meggelen.  Use it on a hat, sweater, within a blanket, or for some other creative purpose.






This excellent crochet Darth Vader doll was found in a forum on crafster.org but sadly is only a photo (there’s more in the forum!).  It’s was the creation of CraftyDork for Stitch Wars.  If anyone locates a pattern, please send it our way so we can link to it.






This one isn’t free but it’s a great pattern for a Darth Vader golf club cover.  Credit goes to TraceyKnits at Etsy. There’s a whole collection of different cover patterns from the same author.