If you have a few skeins of black wool burning a hole in your yarn stash then you’ve arrived at the right place! Darth Vader may not have been one of the favorite Star Wars characters of all time but he’s certainly one of the more popular knitting projects if our readers have anything to say about it. He’s one of the most searched topics on our site as visitors seek out projects for hats, dolls, and all sorts of other unusual items.

I still have vivid images in my head of old knit sweaters of years ago.  By today's fashions standards, some had great design patterns while others were almost better left un-knit.  When it comes to Darth Vader sweaters, it's inconceivable to imagine that they would ever be out of style.  This project merges a Vader sweater that looks like his body suite with a matching cape, because a Darth Vader sweater without a cape just wouldn't suffice!  The pattern designer, Tigg's Togs made this for her grandson and even added a pocket with 2 side openings where the button panel is.  The pattern is available on Ravelry for a small fee.  Great work!
Is what Vader wears on his head a hat?  A mask?  a helmet?  We're not sure either although others have described it in great detail elsewhere. If you're looking for a tuque to keep your noggin warm during cold days, this is a great one although I can't imagine many people running to give you a hug wearing a Vader hat.  You'll find this only as a completed project for sale by Andrea Campbell via Etsy. This means there's no pattern available for you DIY'ers out there.
WOW!  This is one of those simple yet impressive projects that just stands out as being amazing. We're not sure who the original author of this design is but we've found where it can be purchased.  This is a chart of Darth Vader's head that  was designed for a large crochet afghan although we're certain that our creative audience could think of dozens of other uses for it. Love it!
Everywhere you look these days you see people pulling out their mobile phones, laptops and tablets. Due to this site, we'd like to think that everyone is also sporting a knit Star Wars hat, scarf or other item of their favorite character (Yoda is very popular) but we know that isn't yet the case.  If you're not yet showing off your obsessive Star Wars fan status or even if you are but are looking for new ways to bring Star Wars into your life, this would be a great project. The pattern designer, Pinar Vardar, has designed this specifically for the iPad but notes that only minor modifications are needed for Netbooks and we assume the same applies to Chromebooks or other tablets from the various manufacturers like Samsung.  I bet with some creative modifications this could also be made to fit an iPad mini.  Click through to the "{birdeli} handmade" blog  for many more photos and to get access to the full crochet instructions for this amazing project.
What better way is there for a Star Wars fan to show off that they're a bad boy or girl by wearing a hand-knit hat showing off Darth Vader and Stormtroopers?  We can't think of one either.  Shelly on her blog, A Polish Granddaughter, shows off a number of photos of the hat she knit.  To complete this, she used some free and common charts. Great work!
This one isn’t free but it’s a great pattern for a Darth Vader golf club cover.  Credit goes to TraceyKnits at Etsy. There’s a whole collection of different cover patterns from the same author.
This excellent crochet Darth Vader doll was found in a forum on crafster.org but sadly is only a photo (there’s more in the forum!).  It's was the creation of CraftyDork for Stitch Wars.  If anyone locates a pattern, please send it our way so we can link to it.
free Darth Vader knit chart from Chris Van Meggelen.  Use it on a hat, sweater, within a blanket, or for some other creative purpose.
This is a photo-only share but it's definitely worth checking out.  The author of The Dark Knit came up with this excellent Darth Vader sweater on her own.  Unfortunately, there's no hint of a pattern for free or purchase.  Check out her other works while on her site - she's very talented.
satoo@etsy has a number of 'egg' characters captured in photos on Flickr.  Our favorite of course is this photo-only find of a crochet Darth Vader Egg.  We'd love to share the pattern if it can be found.
Very simply, here's a Darth Vader chart to use in your projects.  You can never have too many of these!  Visit super.happy.fun.knitty.time Flickr album to see it in different sizes.
We've already shared a paid golf club cover for Darth Vader and can now say we've found a great free pattern for you to choose between.  The designer has a generic golf club cover pattern to start with and follows up with the Darth Vader design in another blog post.
We don't mess around with the titles of our blog posts.  When we say Star Wars characters as meerkat dolls, we mean it.  Well, what we really mean is that niftyknits has a number of photos on her Flickr album of her meerkat knit projects and a whole bunch of them are of the Star Wars characters we love.  You'll find Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Boba Fett (if we've missed any, drop us a note in the comments and we'll update this post).  The work is VERY creative & also unusual :)  Go check out the photos!