Star Wars has it’s Han Solo.  Spongebob Squarepants has it’s Patrick.  For Firefly fans, they have Jayne Cobb.  Jayne is the antihero from this classic, and sadly cancelled show.  He’s the baddest of the good guys and is someone you want to like.

If you’re not an existing fan of the Firefly series, Jayne has a signature toque he would often wear colored in yellow, orange, and red.  The image we’ve included here is from the “taulietails” blog (which you can visit for more photos) although the original pattern comes from the Dryope blog  and her Jayne Cobb Hat Pattern For Mugua (Dummies) post.  For those who would prefer to crochet, you can also pick up the crochet pattern as well.

The character is awesome, the show was great, and the pattern is free. What could possibly be holding you back from starting your own project?