It’s amazing how many varieties of Yoda hats are out there.   Scan the list of the ones we found below and send us a note via the contact us page if you’d like to have your own project added.


Yoda HatThis might be the most creative knit Yoda hat out there – with eyes and all!  The author of this patter, mamaedgar, has made it available for free as a tutorial on the crafster discussion forum (no registration is required).


Yoda Hatknitterkrys has a Yoda hat knitting pattern for purchase on Etsy.  It can be made for infants, children and adults and the author notes that it’s for intermediate knitters.


Yoda Hat

Nancy Lutz over at Ravelry has a free Yoda hat knitting pattern for download.   It lacks the ear detail that some others do but should be an easier project for anyone with less experience.


Yoda HatAnother Ravelry patter, this felted Yoda knit hat is provided free  by Sunshyne Leland.  As mentioned, this is a felted baby hat.


Yoda HatA cute baby Yoda hat. The author, maleahbliss, notes on the page that she has a patter for the hat but doesn’t appear to link to it anywhere. Let us know if you find it – right now, this is a photo only link.


Yoda Hat

We found this super cute Yoda hat (and cute kid!). Thanks to an anonymous reader who pointed us to the original source. The designer of this hat is Nuriya Khegay and has an Etsy store where you can buy the completed project. [Updated Sept 13, 2012]

but can’t manage to find the original source.  This has been added to the Yoda Hats page as a photo-only example but PLEASE let us know if you find the original work, a pattern, or the name of the original designer.  We’d love to share it here.


[UPDATE] We’ve added additional Yoda hats to the site but haven’t necessarily updated this page.  Make sure you browse around or try using the search feature at the top-right of this site.