Who doesn’t need or want a great Yoda hat?  Whether knit, crochet, or felted, these tuques are great projects to get started for the Star Wars fan in your life – we didn’t say the fan has to be a kid since we know many men and women who grew up with the original series would also want a cap to keep their noggin warm.

From the original trilogy series, Yoda skipped the first movie, A New Hope, and didn’t show up until The Empire Strikes Back. This is where the world first got to know this little green… guy.  How many of you knew that Yoda’s species isn’t actually known by anyone.  Don’t believe us?  Google it.

If you’re a younger fan yourself or know someone who wasn’t introduced to the series until the prequel trilogy, your view of Yoda is likely different.  This series of movies introduced a younger, more agile character who stunned everyone during his first fighting scene in Attack of the Clones.  Watching this Jedi Master jump around fighting Count Dooku really captured the attention of an entire new audience.

It’s amazing how many varieties of Yoda hats are out there.   Scan the list of the projects we found below and click thru to get the pattern.  We’ve tried to keep the variety of options high and cover all ages from infant (yes, you can – and more importantly SHOULD – outfit your newborn in one of these) to adult. If you have your own unique Yoda hat pattern that you’d like to share or know of a project someone else has created, you can always send us a note via the contact us page and feel free to let us know if we’ve made any mistakes.  Similarly, we’d love to see photos of any projects you’ve completed even if you’re not the original pattern designer.  Post them in the comments below for others to see.

Anyone looking for related Yoda projects can find a collection of knit and crochet dolls on our dedicated page.

Cute Yoda HatWe found this super cute Yoda hat (and cute kid!). Thanks to an anonymous reader who pointed us to the original source. The designer of this hat is Nuriya Khegay and has an Etsy store where you can buy the completed project. Amazon has a book available containing this and many other "monster" hats titled Monster Knits for Little Monsters: 20 Super-Cute Animal-Themed Hat, Mitten, and Bootie Sets to Knit
Yoda HatA cute baby Yoda hat. The author, maleahbliss, notes on the page that she has a patter for the hat but doesn't appear to link to it anywhere. Let us know if you find it - right now, this is a photo only link.
Felted Baby Yoda HatAnother Ravelry pattern, this felted Yoda knit hat is provided free  by Sunshyne Leland.  As mentioned, this is a felted baby hat.
Easy Yoda HatNancy Lutz over at Ravelry has a free Yoda hat knitting pattern for download.   It lacks the ear detail that some others do but should be an easier project for anyone with less experience.
Baby Yoda Hatknitterkrys has a Yoda hat knitting pattern for purchase on Etsy.  It can be made for infants, children and adults and the author notes that it's for intermediate knitters. You can buy a finished hat from this Etsy seller if you're not up to the knitting project.
Unique Yoda HatThis might be the most creative knit Yoda hat out there - with eyes and all!  The author of this patter, mamaedgar, has made it available for free as a tutorial on the crafster discussion forum (no registration is required).
Adult Yoda HatSometimes when searching for one thing, your travels take you some place else. Here's an example where that "some place else" was a real treasure.  This site by Glenna Muse is just amazing. Amongst other postings, you'll find many of her postings around projects created for prematurely born babies.  What an amazing project and some amazing content that is shared on the "Knitting for the NICU" blog! In this post, we wanted to draw attention to this Yoda hat pattern.  While many of these exist for kids of all sizes, there aren't many geared towards the larger kids out there - also known as adults. Glenna includes full instructions for this fabulous project so while you're over getting them, click around the rest of her site and share your thanks.
Newborn Yoda HatIf your personal tastes for baby clothing includes bonnets, then feel free to disregard this pattern.   Christina shared this link to a pattern she wrote and has for sale on Artfire that we think is more appropriate for the Jedi fans out there - not to mention the new infant Jedi fans who have recently joined us.  If you're on this latter group, visit the site for more photos of her project and add this project to your list of to-dos.
Yoda HatA search of the Star Wars Knitting site will turn up a number of Yoda Hat projects we've shared since we've launched but none are like this one.  This project, which is for sale as a completed product on the Enchanted Craft store, lacks the attached ears the other projects have and is more of a traditional winter hat.  Yoda's features, including his ears, are knit directly into the hat.  Visit the site for more photos of this unique project.
Yoda EarsIf you click through, you'll notice that Angel refers to these as elf ears but I think they're a great match for Yoda!  This unique creation comes with full crochet instructions and looks fairly simple.
Here is another Yoda Hat by Shinah. She did a great job at creating a hat for a newborn infant. If you know any Star Wars fans, I'm sure that they would love this hat for their infant.